The doors sliding glass LOGIKA model with exposed carts are available in chrome, satin nickel and aluminum with a wide choice of crystals and decorations. As standard, come with retarders limit.

EXTERIOR SLIDING WALL LOGIKA It is action and thought, technique and aesthetics. E 'the pleasure of having a door that adds functionality to the environment thanks to the closing and opening of a slowdown system, enriching it with decorative simplicity. Simple assembly with detailed instructions and telephone support for sales with single shipment.

GLASSES AND DECORATIONS – On all models of LOGIKA there is a choice of colored glass transparent and opaque that integrate the wide range of decorations that can be custom made upon request.

The model crystal doors LOGIKA is always made to measure with standard aluminum handle (finishes chromium nickel and aluminum).

PRICES - Nshe indicative measurement of compartment wall cm. 80 × 210 the cost is about € 950.00 excluding VAT.